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Clean & condition, machine polish, floor mats, upholstery, & more !
Interior Package
  • Shampoo and extract carpets, door panels, upholstery, floor mats
  • Clean and condition all vinyl and leather upholstery
  • Clean and condition dash, all consoles, clean all glass and mirrors
  • Clean trunk space or lift-back storage space
  • Interior air freshener treatment of choice
  • A/C Sanitization and vents cleaning
  • Complete interior/vacuum cleaning
Exterior Package

Choose between the two services.

Wax Rubbing And Buffing - Protects upto 6 months

Over the time cars paint erodes due to the effects of sunlight, UV radiation, acid rain, salt, dirt, bird droppings and Air pollution.

We give New Look To Painted Surfaces by repairing the paint scratches, swirls marks, dullness, etc by using special rubbing compounds and imported polishes approved by the car manufacturers

  • Includes the STANDARD WASH
Teflon Coating - Protects upto 6 months

PTFE based Polymer paint sealant creates slippery, slick barrier that protects the paint finishes, reduces fading & oxidation of paint.

It repels dirt & grime, accelerates water run-off to reduce spotting, smoothness weathered surface and removes scratches giving depth to the paint.

  • Includes the PREMIUM WASH
  • 2 layers of coating to achieve a showroom shine
  • 1st layer - clean and apply polish on the paint surface to restore shine and gloss
  • 2nd layer - Teflon coating to give your car a long lasting shine
  • Cleaning and polishing of plastic parts